Giving OOXML a fair hearing

I am sure the folks at MS monitoring this blog would be glad to read the heading. Yes, by all means, give OOXML a fair hearing. There are well meaning engineers who have spent considerable intellect to work on this and it would be a shame if the proposal fails. In that light, I ask the principal backer, Microsoft, to fix the problems as listed in Rob Wier’s document. Let’s just put aside the fact the the author of that document is an IBM employee (which MS would like to highlight and is trying to misdirect any legitimate arguments). The facts as stated is plenty clear on what needs to be fixed to give OOXML the OK to be an ISO standard. What is so difficult with that? Why does MS wage a wasteful war on this? I know people who work at MS pushing this agenda. They are bright and intelligent people. And yet, when they don the MS persona, they seem to be imbued with lobotomized corporatespeak that does nothing to validate their individual credibility.

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