MS is upset with moi? What me worry?

It appears that the fiasco of February 5th is not sitting well with our friends at MS Singapore.Their tactics in trying to bulldoze a cleverly misnamed “Office Open XML” document format specification as an ISO standard is being found out and being called out for what it is. Standards cannot be built on the basis of private deals, exclusions of participation, or labelling of biasness. Standards have to be fair, willing to accomodate the passage of time, and above all, open and fully defined. There are numerous references to why OOXML is a flawed document and why it should be rejected as an ISO candidate. MS should go back, redo the document, specify and correct all the stuff as raised thus far, and as a responsible corporate, re-engage fairly. Mafia-like tactics are not welcome – anywhere.

Comments and contradictions are most welcome, friends from MS! Let’s engage as technical and professional people with respect and honour. ‘nuf said.

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