Congratulations to the new SCS president and council

I have been in the SCS executive council for many years. I am deeply thankful for the camaraderie and friendship of the numerous committee members. It was a pleasure serving with all of you for the benefit of our members, our chosen profession and in turn for Singapore.

The elections/AGM happened today. I would like to congratulate Yoke Sin in winning the president’s position. As is befitting the spirit of the SCS, it was a good natured fight for the votes and as with anything, there can only be one winner.

I would also want to congratulate the new VPs and the newly elected committee members (12 of them). It is really nice to see each one come forward, and what is essentially not a comfort zone, to pitch why one should be voted for.

I think contests bring out the value of membership and helps to sharpen the dialogue with members and strengthens the organization’s culture and core.

Here’s to more good outcomes from the SCS.

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