Missing the point!

I will keep this post short. I am really disappointed with the way the Golden Village movie chain deals with online booking.

Firstly, they charge EXTRA for online bookings. Yes, that’s a great way to encourage usage of online bookings.  If anything else, they should be giving a DISCOUNT to it. I guess the  GV site would be happy to even support the broken IE browsers as well.

Second, there is NO way on the online booking system to include promotional options (like student discounts, vouchers etc). For all of that, one has to be there IN PERSON to do the booking. Clever in that when you do online bookings, you then shrug and just pay the extra – because you might not get the seats you want.

Third, when you do go to the theatre (I’ve only gone to their Vivocity location), the concessions (which are exorbitantly priced anyway and they do not allow any other munchies to be brought in) only accept CASH.  You have a captive audience stuck with a monopoly situation and yet these smart business folks only accept cash.

Somewhere in all of this, they’ve lost the game.  So should I be too concerned if I were to continue to torrent down movies? If the cinema houses cannot get their acts together, in spite of all the good ideas and intentions, then they deserve to go out of business.

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  1. Yes, that is really bad. I share your feel. For some good movies, i will go for it watching in cinema with great digital system installed, thus i go for Cathay – better discount for uob card holder, yet the pricing is better then GV even before discounted.

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