A proud moment

This Hougang by-election was a foregone conclusion as far as I am concerned. I was only looking to see an increased victory margin.

But even though the WP percentage went down 2%, I think it is of statistical irrelevance because this comes on the back of the WP sacking the incumbent and fielding a newbie. I would also note that the votes gained by Low Thia Khiang in 2006 had about the same percentage as Png’s.

What does this mean then? All the dirty tactics pulled in by DPM Teo to attempt at character assassination failed. The DPM, a former navy honcho fired duds. So did his boss, the PM (another dud firing former general).

I guess without former PMs Lee KY and Goh CT saying a word this time around, the act of shooting your foot was left to the DPM & PM – and they did that very well.

In some ways I feel sorry for the looser Desmond Choo. I think he meant well in saying that he is his own man, but his party’s leadership screwed it up.

All is good for Hougang with WP’s Png Eng Huat winning because they’ll now have both an MP as well as wannabe under the label of the PA Advisor nonsense in the person of Choo. Best possible outcome.

Congratulations Png. Try harder the next time Choo.

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