When will MS try to overturn this?

For every attempt at doing the right thing, there will be the MS Mafia who will go in to reverse any attempts at implementing open standards and open source. Let’s see how long they will take to turn the cart over. Today is May 25, 2009. #fb

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  1. While it is a report about promotion of open standards, the response was not about bashing Microsoft. It was to remind all of us that positive reactions by governments and organizations around the world to doing the right thing that will inconvenience Microsoft will be seen as as threat by Microsoft and there by generate a reaction to undermine it. Look at all the bad behaviour of Microsoft leading upto the vote of broken OOXML. That is post the “2006 onwards” you refer to. Their half-hearted implementation of ODF 1.1 in their office suite underscores that fact that they cannot be trusted. Trust has to be gained.
    I think you should not spend time speaking up for Microsoft. You should let them do it for I am sure they are more than capable.

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