[SG Politics] Changes in SG political engagement?

Am intrigued about the proposals that are to be put forward by the establishment about some changes in how politics and government functions in Singapore. I think Chok Tong is clever in putting the “hints” out, but I think there are bigger issues behind the idea. I think it is crucial that there be consultation and review and if needed, a referendum, to ascertain if whatever proposal makes sense.

We have to do a few things off the bat.

a) Remove the whole idea of walkovers. It is an abomination of democracy. Even if there is only one person or a team (for the Group Representative Constituency or, more accurately, GeRrymandered Constitutuencies) or for the presendential elections, that person/team must garner at a minimu 30% of valid votes in favour. No vote, no seat. Plain and simple.

b) An independent Elections Commission. No more “Elections Department reporting to the Prime Minister’s Office”.

These two, or at least a) above, will go a long way in bringing this country to the heights of greatness it is capable of. #fb


  1. Talk Only
    Well, let’s see what happened next.
    Based on past records, these words are just to soothe negative ground sentiments.
    By the way, why not the PM announcing this kind of important changes?
    I hope that he is not busy again to “fix and buy” things.

    • Re: Talk Only
      It is always tempting to doubt the establishment. They have not proven to us that they are willing to listen and learn. They have always thought and behaved as if they know better. So, I would agree with your sentiment.
      It never annoys me to read about the old man on one of his trips, convening a compliant press corp for a press conference at the foreign location. I think the old man is out somewhere and I do expect some form of a press conference where he might announce this or the other. They somehow cannot do this in country. Why does GCT have to say or preempt anything of Loong is the one to announce. I suspect that GCT wants to open up more – given that he has had time to think about it with his recent bout with chicken pox, old man is out of town and Loong is perhaps busy with a jobless billion dollar wife :-).

      • Re: Talk Only
        Oh, by the way, if “old man” you allude to were not here, you and your fellow citizens will be poor people living in slums in a third world state about whom no one cares. SG will never have been the world class city it is.
        You singaporeans will never realize that LKY was and is a great man. May be foreigners like me know how bad it is back there.

      • Re: Talk Only
        Yes, I believe that you have read or heard about a place called “Disneyland (with death penalty)”.
        The old man is only a human, he never put his brilliant mind into good use. He is not a saint.
        If you have time, please read this.

      • Re: Talk Only
        Living in past glory is no toolkit for shaping a stronger future. Singapore is going to be 50 years old soon, it’s a worthy marker point to ponder on the future direction.

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