[Singapore] Open Government and Open Parliament

I posted a very cynical comment but there is a bigger issue at play. There has never been any degree of transparency in the government, despite of what they keep saying. We need all of these:
a) Pass a Freedom of Information/Right To Information Act so that we can get to information on demand.
b) Transparency on how the Elections Department works – fully reviewable by citizens
c) Realtime webcasting of parliamentary proceedings – no editing, no spinning. Real and truthful.
d) Publically posted parliamentary attendance records – I am sure that it is somewhere, but it should be front and center.

There are very good ideas and techniques that the government can use and adopt from the open source world. President Obama is pushing for using open source both in adoption of technology in government and I am sure he will be looking at the proven principles of doing things collaboratively as shown in the FOSS movement.

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