[SG Politics] How many ministers does Singapore have?

I continue to be amazed by the utter waste of tax-payer monies that goes to pay the ministers who, on the face of it, do nothing. There are ministers with specific portfolios like defence, education, home affairs, law, etc, and a whole bunch of them without any – see the ones in the “Prime Minister’s Office”. The PMO has a minister mentor, two senior ministers, two deputy prime ministers, three ministers without portfolio (whatever that is) – all in about 9 including the PM. Why? If all the ministers are paid S$1m a year, that is S$9m just for the PM’s office? Why? Is paying oneself enormous amounts a halal form of bribery?


  1. Buy and fix.
    Do you remember what the PM said in an election speech at
    the Raffles Place area?
    He said that he cannot work properly if there is too many
    opposition members in the parliament.
    He needed more time to “fix the opposition and buy the voters”.
    Now, you know why he needs these extra helpers in his office.

    • Re: Buy and fix.
      I think those without portfolio need not be there in the 1st place. That will trim the budget for next year by 3 million at least. 🙂

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