Changing the data center and cloud computing?

Perhaps. I think the combined cloud philosophy and virtualization technologies will re-cast the way data centers will be setup and built. It has to be. The model of discrete blades, pizzabox servers sitting on racks, with each running it’s own operating system on raw iron, is an inefficient way to run systems. I recall back in 1999 when I was trying to set up the servers for, I had start with tower machines and eventually to remove all the covers and keep them open in a rack for heat management etc. It was not unlike what Google’s rack ala 1999 as well.

And now, we see how even Cisco is getting into the game. It is cool to see the Jim speak about the new partnership with Cisco in this new space. There is a lot of buzzwords being thrown around. But, rest assured, with FOSS, these buzzwords have a buzz and will change how computing is consumed.

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