Shuttle STS119 launch in minutes

For the first time for me atleast, I am now watching Shuttle STS119 waiting to launch via live streaming!


  1. How to watch NASA TV
    NASA seems to only support Windows and Mac, even with plugins installed to handle several of the formats they use they refuse to connect and keep giving a “Multimedia Hints” page.
    A blog entry on how to pretend to be Windows would be useful, since the real thing is not an option.

    • Re: How to watch NASA TV
      Indeed you are right. I have on my F10 systems, paid codecs from Fluendo and also running Miro on others so that I can watch these streams. In this particular instance, I was using the Totem Browser Plugin 2.24.3 (Browser Plugin using GStreamer 0.10.21) and that was what I was able to watch the launch live.

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