[Singapore] You gotta love “surveys”!

So, a survey says that Singapore has topped an international e-govt survey. Hmm. Let’s see how does this new report compare with the fact that Singapore was listed as 23rd by a UN survey which was a demotion from an earlier 2003 survey in which Singapore was listed as 12th? From what I can discern, the 2008 UN report was totally left out from any comment by IDA even though I had queried them on a few ocassions (actually through their minister). If anyone can find any response in an official Singapore government site to the 2008 UN report, please tell me. I am sure that there will be a lot of cheerful people at MICA and the IDA who will lap up this new 2009 report. You gotta love surveys!

[Saturday, Mar 7 09] Update: Just saw the survey being mentioned in the morning rag. I do not think the two UN surveys (or atleast the 2008 survey) were ever reported.

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