Teiid – open sourced enterprise information integration

I like clever names for projects. On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the best), I’d probably rate teiid a 4 for name inventiveness. Teiid is the open souced, upstream version of MetaMatrix. This project is in keeping with Red Hat’s promise that all proprietary products that Red Hat acquires, will be release it on a GPL’ed license. What Teiid is doing is to be able to federate data sources and make it available in a consistent fashion (XML for example or ODBC if desired) to any application anywhere. This immediately removes any need for data amalgamation, any data migration as a result of mergers and aquisitions.

Teiid is a type of whiptail lizard and the “eii” in teiid serves to remind us that it is about enterprise information integration which is what data federation or data abstration is all about. 4 out of 5 for cleverness.


    • its interesting that for an innocuous report on promoting open standards, somehow leads to a bash on microsoft.
      microsoft, since 2006 onwards, has gone out of its ways to interop with open standards. yes it can do better; fact remains its still working it way.
      microsoft singapore for instance, has development teams that works with all levels of teams; including those from the PHP users group and the zen frameworks groups etc.
      now people may consider that ive been sold by the microsoft team; well people may think all they want; someone has to speak up for microsoft.

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