F9->F10 preupgrade

I spent some time over the weekend upgrading my son’s F9 machine to F10 and chose the PreUpgrade path. It all went well and when I finally logged into the F10 environment, Firefox refused to run saying that it “Couldn’t load XPCOM”. Did a search for similar reports and all of them, unfortunately, were rather sparse in information. I decided to do the following:
a) rpm -e firefox
b) yum search mozilla

The search yielded some clues – xulrunner among others. So, the following was done:
c) yum -y reinstall xulrunner*
d) yum install firefox

and when it was all said and done, ff fired up happily!


  1. Reinstall?
    This was the first time I’ve ever seen the ‘reinstall’ option for yum. I immediately checked the man page, and there’s no documentation for it. When did this functionality become available? What does it actually do (‘rpm -e –nodeps’ and ‘yum install’ under the covers?)? Does it force overwrite of existing configurations, or are those saved in rpmsave files?

  2. Strange haven’t seen that error yet…
    That is strange, I haven’t seen that error yet when I have done some F9->F10 PreUpgrades. I wonder what the difference was with the one that gave you problems.

    • Re: Strange haven’t seen that error yet…
      That F9 machine was well maintained with the system pretty much uptodate. I did have rpmfusion enabled as a repo as well and I did disable it when I was encountering the problem.

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