It is about the value of subscription!

I am really happy to see RHEL 5.3 come out and it being chockful of functionalities and features. The most important ones are about virtualisation which supports systems with upto 126 CPUs and each VM having support of 32 CPUs. The fact that this is a standard with zero additional cost to the subscriber of Red Hat is a testimony to the value of subscriptions. Putting out a fantastic value proposition that is virtualization in RHEL is truly an amazing deliverance of value to customers. You are not forced to ante up before benefiting from technological advancement. Let’s see how the other players in this virtualisation space does theirs. It is not about make more monies or turning a version upgrade into a revenue event. It is about delivering value to the customer. I think Red Hat and RHEL 5.3 in this instance, is doing the right thing.

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