Vendor lock-in offer for Startups!

I read over the weekend an offer by the Redmond business that gives startups “free” software to run their businesses.

From M$ bizspark article

A local startup, Homespace who had built up their site (looks good I must say; netcraft says it runs Linux and nginx.

From M$ bizspark article

An interesting comment – not attributed to anyone I think – is that “Being on bizspark means it will have free access to potentially better Microsoft software”. Vendor lock-in, yes, better, I don’t think so. What was the challenge that has thus far that has not been addressed ably by FOSS? No mention of that. What shortcoming will this MS go-to-jail offer address? Yes, the article is short in detail (as is any Straits Times report), but I am sure there will be major spinning of this by Microsoft.

Let the FUD begin!


    • Re: inflated prices
      You are right about the US$50K price tag for software. It is arbitrary and I have yet to see a breakdown of what it amounts to (not that I want to nor care to look out for). It is all about Client Access Licenses, SQL this, SQL that, Exchange This, Outlook That, Office This, Antivirus that etc etc. Clearly, no meaningful and useful software per se.
      I am sure no one from MS Singapore will comment on this even though I know that my blog is monitored by them.

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