Chumby, my Chumby!

VPost finally delivered my very own Chumby. And I am pleased. I love the whole packaging. The box is a standard brown box and was really glad to see that the package was very environmentally friendly. There was one white styrofoamy bag that held everything but the rest was made from gunny sack materials. The chumby I bought was the latte model. Setting it up was a cinch and before long, I was able to watch David Letterman’s Top Ten and his monologue along with a tonne of cool widgets. Apart from the Neuros OSD device I have, this is the second coolest tool worth my money.


  1. Hi! I am a random person with a question about chumby!
    Hi there! I found you on a random search; I just got a chumby and am trying to figure out how to have it read my lj friends page to me. You look like you’ve had one a bit longer then I have– if you’re willing, could you tell me how using it with lj has been? Any tips for a chumby newbie?

    • Re: Hi! I am a random person with a question about chumby!
      Nabil –
      Sorry for the late reply. I do not see a chumby app that displays lj entries. If you are a coder, time to do the work then. Else, why don’t you check out chumby apps similar to this and ask the author if they can extend it to include lj.

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