Enabling the next billion onto the net!

I was looking around to get a eeePC yesterday and found that they’ve launched a new model the S101 in Singapore. I have not seen it at either Funan or Sim Lim yet. But, that prompted a thought process in that, we now have an excellent way to bring computing using Linux to the masses at next to zero cost – by bundling Mobile Broadband services through telcos, just as how cell phones have reached the ruralest of rural areas. In one swoop, with a not too shabby device with mobile broadband (and perhaps with VoIP (not skype please)), we will begin to bridge the next billion or more people. So, StarHub, SingTel and MobileOne, what are you waiting for?


  1. Here in France, mobile operators are doing just that: selling netbooks with a 3G USB stick and a subscription for mobile / internet use.
    What is great is that they only sell the Windows versions of those netbooks (and only allow it if you want to use the subscription). Also, VoIP and P2P are forbidden by those plans.
    Not sure that’s what you’re hoping for 🙂

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I am hoping and expecting that the netbooks are running Linux and that people are given a choice. Now, whether they can run VoIP or P2P on them is something that can be easily worked around – and you know that. Now, if running VoIP/P2P is prohibitted then it is a different issue. Atleast the service providers here (SingTel, M1 and StarHub) do not as yet do that.

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