As the world turns

No, the subject is is not what you think this post is about. It is about how us, living in this globalized world, are extremely dependent on each other and more so with what happens in the United States. The forthcoming elections will determine in a large way what happens to the global economy, climate etc. Yes, it is placing a significant amount of value to the US presidential elections, but the reality of the game is that. As much as I would like to participate, I cannot (never mind that I cannot even vote in my own country because of arcane and outdated elections rules, but that is subject of another post).

There is so much information not being make available to people through the common MSM (main stream media) that the web has to continue to play the role of information gatherer and disseminator. For that, I think a good place to start would be Daily Source Code. Sure, Curry has his idiocyncracies, but atleast as the PodFather, he has the thought leadership in this space to act as a source of information sink (and sometimes source).

If I could vote in the US, I would vote for Ron Paul as my first choice and Barrack Obama as my second. So, to my friends who *can* vote in the US, please go out and cast your vote. As I was chatting with someone last night (Hi, Belakang Kira!), if you cannot decide who to vote for, at least vote against the one that you don’t want to see in office. That might be an easier way to reach a decision.


  1. Politicians suck
    None of the candidates for this election are acceptable. Anyone other that the republocrats has no chance of getting in anyway.

    • Re: Politicians suck
      While I have to agree with the generalized sentiment of yours, the nature of things is that sometimes we have to live and deal with the cards that are dealt. You can choose to ignore it and hope for a fresh set of cards, but that might not always happen and on time.
      That leaves us with the next best thing. Of all that is in front of us, what would be least disgusting. You, at least, have a chance to vote. Your vote will ultimately decide on some joker who is going to decide on how the world moves forward. Much as I would want to play in that decision making process, that is never likely. I am part of the 5.8Billion people on this planet who cannot vote in the US election. You are my proxy in this election, like it or not; and yes, you can choose to not vote as well.
      Just remember that politics are too important to be left to politicians!

  2. I was all for Ron Paul when he was running, but I have to ask: Why would you vote for Ron Paul, at THIS point, when there is a perfectly good libertarian candidate (Bob Barr) in the running? Ron Paul was essentially a libertarian, despite running as a republican.

    • Caveat: I can’t vote. I am not a US citizen nor do I intend to be one. I am a happy Singaporean.
      Having said that, why Ron Paul? Because, I think it is refreshing to hear someone who has a clue and is willing to state things in simple terms for all. I am, unfortunately, not sufficiently clued in about Bob Barr.

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