While for the most part, I am monolingual, I am always aware of the needs of those who are not English-transfixed as I am. Yeah, I can read atleast 3 other languages, but for the most part, I stick to English. Hence it always excites me to see quality work in translation projects and code that use technology in smart and clever ways. For that, i think I will tip the hat to Transifex. The work of Dimitris Glezos needs to have higher recognition and if nothing else, I am happy to see that Transifex is rooted on Fedora.

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  1. While Tx is ‘rooted’ in Fedora (it was a Fedora GSoC), the Fedora instance of Tx is the only running one. At a larger level, Tx is an upstream project that all other communities can absorb and use.

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