Had to register this stupidity!

Been wanting to record the absurdity of software patents and I think this takes the cake. It is a wonderful patent awarded to Microsoft on the use of page-up and page-down keys for navigation. OK, those of you who used those two keys in the last 10 minutes, pay up!


  1. Who writes this kind of shit …
    You, the one writing that nonsense of patent shit. Get a life. I just hope you’re getting good money for doing what you do. I’ll be really depressed if I’ll have to write that kind of things … ridiculous …

  2. Now, now. It is the system that failed and the unscrupulous just found ways to manipulate it. I bet you, with the Singapore-US FTA agreement, this stupidity is applicable in Singapore as well!

  3. Wow that is stupid. Remember though, they did lose their lawsuit to Lindows. I read that they’ve been trying to get Red Hat to pay them royalties over Red hat’s usage of IPs.
    It really is a sign of a company strugglign with it’s business model. it can’t make money with it’s own products anymore so it’s moving to stupid litigation. Remember SCO?

    • MS never sued Red Hat or anything like that. The brillance of Ballmer stays with his sabre rattling only. None of the alleged 256+ patents that Ballmer says violate his stuff has been disclosed. They dare not. Disclosing would mean the open source community will just replace it – then Ballmer would not have a rattle to play with.

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