Connection sharing done Right!

Innovation is the lifeblood of open source. Just check out this ability to readily share your wireless (GSM, CDMA whatever) with others in your vicinity.

In fact, I did something similar but with a wifi spot in a hotel. Let me paint the scenario:
a) Hotel lobby/conference area.
b) Wifi in hotel is paid – not free
c) Nominate one person to sign up for the non-free Wifi account in the hotel.
d) On that person whose machine is signed up with the Hotel Wifi, ensure that ip forwarding is enabled – from the terminal and as root type:

   echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward.

Determine this machine’s IP # as well.
e) Get all the others to connect with the Hotel’s wifi spot, but DO NOT SIGN UP.
f) On each machine, change the default route as follows:

   route del default
   route add default gw IP#OfTheMachineThatSignedUp

Viola, done. All the others can connect through the signed up machine now.


  1. NM 0.7 release?
    When will NM 0.7 be released? I’d like to use it on Debian but the NM folks don’t seem to care about releasing it.

  2. But…
    But the question is this: Does the hotel terms and conditions allow this type of sharing?
    When I was in US recently, I did read the terms for the free Wifi, they ban any sharing.

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