[SG Politics] JB Jeyaretnam dies

It is indeed a sad day for me to read that JB Jeyaretnam died today. There are many things he did not do right, but many more things that he did.

I believe he was last challenging in court the mockery that has been passed by the Singapore Parliament in not going forward with a by-election following the death of a PAP MP. The clever gerrymandering done by the PAP in setting up the “Group Representation Constituencies” has been shown up to be the scam that it is. Singaporean democracy has lost a champion!

Update on October 1st: I am watching how the local political mafia is reacting (or from the way the official government dailies report) and it is interesting to see how silent the Minister Mentor aka LKY is on this. Both the prime minister and the senior minister has been quoted saying good stuff and one of the morning rags even carried a photo of a minister (Vivian Balakrishnan) consoling one of JBJ’s sons. From that angle, at least Vivian is seen to have a sense of compassion. I really wonder if the top leedership will pay respects? If I recall, LKY never said anything when David Marshall died. It is sad to see people carry ill-will in their lives! Sigh.

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