Moblin and Fedora

It is exciting to see the Moblin project maturing and switching the preferred upstream as Fedora. The crucial deciding factor seems to be the packaging done via RPM. I sincerely hope that Intel/Moblin is not going to fork the Fedora upstream with binary blobs!


  1. At some point it would be interesting to try and discover what particular benefit RPM would provide for Moblin. The immediate benefit though may be for Fedora – given the space constrictions, a larger swathe of dependencies in packaging should be resolved.

    • Agreed. My sense is that there is a probably a “technical need” (to quote the article) that perhaps suggested that the Fedora ecosystem is more amenable to the Moblin effort than their current choice.
      I hope someone from Moblin/Intel will elaborate.

      • That would mean that Moblin would just be a downstream rather than a partner/contributor. And a limited downstream rather than an OLPC-like downstream. J5 does get it spot on when he writes about packaging format being a ‘technical implementation’.
        This is one move that would see some amount of blogospheric traffic 🙂

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