And they are underway!

One hundred teams signed up, eight-four showed up and the 24-hour coding marathon is underway at the SMU. This is the 2nd time the Singapore IT Standards Committee has run a contest and this year we have more participants at the starting block than last year. What is particularly wonderful to see is that there are alums as well.

This year’s contest theme is “Extreme Sports Entertainment” and the participants are to write code using Adobe’s AIR or IBM’s Project Zero to express their intepretation of the theme. It is exciting the number of eager beavers all raring to go. Good to see are the one man teams – it is not easy to do everything you need if all you have is one pair of eyes and hands. You only have 24 hours. As opposed to the with two or three members, they would have 48 and 72 hours in total – consumed in parallel.

Stay tuned for posts about the infrastructure used (RHEL 5.2 with Virtualization – 100 VMs).


  1. Oh my god!
    Hello sir. It didn’t come to my mind that you’re the Harish Pillay!
    I’m one of the morning shift helpers.
    It was such an honour to meet you.
    David Chua

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