This qualifies as news?

A school in the Philippines decided to move from an Linux environment to that proprietary one and it made the news.

No matter what, I love the on going FUD and spin “…due to compatibility issues and unfamiliarity with open source software by students and faculty members, …”.

I am sure MS Philippines is sponsoring the whole move – to get these headlines. Let’s see when the school is hit with upgrades, viruses, trojans etc etc, will MS come to the rescue.


  1. virus issues
    i give them a month after the move to MS and the virus issues will start. i’m sure that MS had a lot to do with this. they probably scared them into moving to MS software with lies about linux and open source. god, i hate microsoft!

    • Re: virus issues
      My sense of this is that the decision was probably made because of promises MS has probably given. If we can find out what those promises are and the premises on which it was made, we can watch this on the sidelines and have fun.
      Actually, don’t hate Microsoft. Just hate their business practises.

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