More baby steps

It is nice to read that atleast some parts of Microsoft are willing and keen to engage FOSS on FOSS terms. I think the apparent appointment of Sam Ramji to run MS’ open source and Linux team, iffff true, is a good baby step in the right direction.

Here’s what MS has to do to gain respect and credibility in the IT world:
a) Sign up with the Open Invention Network and place the MS owned patents for all to use at RF (royalty free) terms and as liberal as any OSI license.
b) Publicly announce that the alleged 200+ patent violations in FOSS is not a concern, now that MS has signed up with the OIN.
c) Create and launch MS Office for Linux.
d) Make saving in ODF the default for MS office.
e) Be nice.

I know all of the above would be hard. But the Berlin Wall was hard, but it did open up. So I think the preceding should work as well. I will be more than happy to help them down this path!

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