Final vote at the brm – catastropic failure at BRM

Unrecoverable Application Error or UAE or BSOD to the nonsense ooxml stuff. So, some of the stuff was hand-waved through. But the end is here. We have to expose all the underhanded, manipulations that MS has done everywhere to buy votes. I am glad that the EU is investigating. I think it is time I brought up the question as to why Singapore is not investigating them here despite the SG government now ditching Lotus Notes for additional lock-in into MS Exchange as part of the SOE waste of money.


  1. Final vote …
    You are an optimist!
    This was the beginning, not the end. The 30-day voting period will be
    full of M$’s disagreeable and unethical pressures on national bodies
    so that the actual votes will (suddenly) be in favour of the ECMA
    non-standard. I hope that this will not work. But imagining that M$
    has been defeated is just fantasy.

  2. We’ve lost.
    If we are claiming victory before the final bell has rung, against an underhanded opponent like Microsoft, we’ve lost.
    We *have* to keep our eyes on the game until that final bell *has* rung.
    As I understand it, they have until the end of the month to collect their votes, and they’re not going to give up until the end of the month. So we cannot stop watching before then.

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