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Great to be speaking with some of the delegations heads and how they feel that this process is too unwieldy and “a collosal waste of time”. Sadly, Singapore is not at the table – we should, but we are not – so, what’s left is to work with the others NB delegations.


  1. Why ah?
    Thanks a lot for travelling to La Suisse and reporting on (non-BRM) events.
    I must have missed the part about why Singapore was not officially at the table despite its “whole hearted support” for DIS 29500 last year. Since it is important that the re-vote properly reflects the quality of the deliberations that took place last week, can you please rinse and repeat why SG was not on board?

    • Re: Why ah?
      Singapore was not officially at the table because we voted ‘Approve with comments’.
      Please do take this opportunity to raise the issue of why was it that when the technical committee (the XML TC) reported to the ITSC council to vote it as “Disapprove with comments”, the council did not go with it and instead voted otherwise?
      Please write to the ITSC (nitsc at ida dot gov dot sg) asking about this. Ask why and what the reason is for it NOT being put out in public. We currently do not have a freedom of information act, and you have to keep asking for this info – remember squeaking wheels get oiled. Write to the press (yes, at times, the morning rags have a purpose). Heck, write to the MPs (even the DPM who might give another apology as well :-)).
      I am a member of the council. I voted “Disapprove” at the vote, but I am honour bound by the rules of the council not to reveal any further information. I can only ask you to do the right thing and that is to push from the outside to get information and to get it out in the right way. I am sure that there are certain folks who would rather that I be removed from the council before any re-vote. Those same people have branded me as a biased person and someone who has an agenda against Microsoft (like no one else has). So be it.
      I will certainly push the council to review the vote based on the failure of at the BRM. It can only help with more help from the outside.
      Mind you that the MS machinery in Singapore is well oiled and are probably planning a move to ensure that the council does not meet and re-vote. MS Singapore has an RSS feed of my blog and are watching what I do and say. They have not been a honest player in this (and many, many other areas) and deserve to be exposed.
      I am hoping that the new IDA CEO will not be cornered by the MS machinery on this issue, given the fact that IDA capitulated and awarded the money wasting SOE to be run on a broken windows platform.

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