Congratulations, MS!

I suppose it calls for a celebration. Not every day that Microsoft gets an award. I am sure my friends at MS Singapore are now popping the champaign – after all they managed to get Singapore to vote yes with comments!


    • Re: Overturn the Singapore vote
      What is probably needed is to have a Singapore representation at the BRM in Geneva in Feb 08. The fact that there were comments to it and the fact that ISO must resolve it, means that if it is not, then Singapore should have the right to change it to a disapprove.
      As of now, I am not sure if Singapore is going to be represented at the BRM in the first place.

  1. it’s all about the money
    This government has only one thing on their mind – money. Siding with MS, it can stand to make more money from the taxes. Free software is free and you cannot even tax it.

    • Re: it’s all about the money
      Of course it is about the money. But there is a catch in the tax part. I believe, and correct me if I am off the mark, m$ has a regional HQ status here in which it is able to take out all monies earned with ZERO tax. So, given the fact that they do ZERO r&d here, what value do they bring other than to harass people?

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