M$’s open source site- yeah, right!

I think Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols is not being fair in assessment of the stuff M$ has on their codeplex site. The real problem is that for anyone to do anything with a MS stack, you have to give up a lot of control and not be able to really innovate. Don’t get me wrong. Innovation can happen with proprietary code, but then again, who needs that when you can do the whole thing a couple of magnitudes better than anything proprietary?

The contest that is being run by the ITSC called code::XtremeApps:: has so far gotten over 45 teams of three signing up. At least these numbers go past anything “codeplex” has done. The code::XtremeApps:: contest encourages the participants to put their code out on any one of the Open Source, Inc’s licenses so that the whole world can share and improve. Who needs Gates when you live in a world without Fences?

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