National Day video casting dependent on Windows!

Why? Why does it have to be that one needs Active X to view a live video streaming of the National Day 2007 celebrations? I am sure the MS Singapore folks reading this post are smiling about yet another rant from me. This time it is not a rant. It is one of accessibility. Accessibility as they have tried to indicate with the ongoing ooxml fiasco where they are herding people who need Assistive Technologies to ask if the ISO 23600 (the ODF format) has anything of that nature.

There already is support for it. Of course, MS is welcome to help the ODF become even better but they have their bigger agenda that the ooxml is just a side show.

Isn’t sad that does not work properly on Firefox? It offers two options, one flash and the other html. Clicking on flash is broken. I cannot believe that the NDP website designer, The Adventus Consultants does not understand this. Really?

Update on the last paragraph: it appears that the flash stuff has been fixed as of 11:15 am Monday August 6th. The live video straming part still is broken though.

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