I love this statement that essentially says that what MS thought was a loophole is now permanently plugged with GPLv3. Yes, they need to make a living, but make that living fairly. So, my friends from MS reading/monitoring this blog, think about it.

Tell Ballmer to detail all the allegations of patent violations. A civilized and rational IT industry works for all of us. When you soar just 10,000 m above Gaia, you see nothing more that beauty and the wonder of creation. The Creator does not exert “patent” rights. The Creator allows all things to do as they are wired to. In that light, perhaps the wiring/DNA of MS is actually set for a self-destruct end point. Recognizing it will help avert a catastrophic dissolution of MS. Come join us. Come join us at our playing field. Our field is flat and not tilted. We would love to forgive and forget, but reserve the right to trust but verify.

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