Is there an ethical issue?

I have been bothered by an ethical issue. I blogged about how a commercial company tried to influence a publicly responsible entity to not do what it’s charter says it has to. I did that to show how manipulative and underhanded that commercial company is. Did I cross the line of disclosure in this case? I think I am in a sort of a situation a whistle-blower would be. I gather that the commercial company is trying to see if they can get me out of the publicly responsible entity for I am on that publicly responsible entity under the umbrella of another professional society. That is not an issue per se. If indeed I am asked to leave, that commercial company will have a lot of stuff be answerable to. So, in a sense, I have nothing to loose. As long as my conscience is clear, and that I am honest with what I do, I should not be concerned. Or should I?

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