Managing choice

We all agree that choice is a really special and wonderful thing. With choice, you are given the sense that you are making the right decision based on a set of realities/information that you have been presented with. In this blog, Joel describes the 15 different choices one has with the newfangled Vista when it comes to shutting down the computer.

In the FLOSS space, we are always confronted with choice. We have a choice of operating systems, a choice of windowing managers, a choice of browsers, a choice of productivity tools and so on and on and on. The ever growing list of applications needs some form of invisible hand in making a choice. It therefore makes a lot of sense that Linux distributions make decisions in what gets included in the core and what is not. The decision making process itself is a merry-go-round of choosing but having made a choice, the clincher is to stick to it.

I am glad that at least in Fedora, there are three choices – shutdown, logoff and lock. I think that suffices.

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