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I just came across this site that allows you to at one go test your website across multiple browsers and OSes. I hope this will finally put to rest the cluelesness of a whole lot of web designers who never test their sites on anything other than the malware IE.

Here’s an except of an email I got from a local “government IT agency” about one of their sites that was talking about a 10 year vision of IT, stating that it be best viewed in IE:

“We apologise for the delay in responding to you.

Due to the numerous web browsers available, the presentation of the web page content may differ due to individual browser attributes. As Internet Explorer (IE) is one of the most common browsers used in the market, we had tested the presentation of the web contents using IE as the benchmark, hence
the reason we put in the clause on the website.

We do agree that as people are getting more IT savvy, the clause may be perceived as redundant. However, it might still be an useful piece of information for some people to know how best to view the website.

Hope this clarifies and thank you for your feedback.

Best Regards.”

Indeed, this does generate confidence with the “government IT agency”.

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  1. Numerous..
    People run the “latest” version of their browser.. one can only really design for that.
    So that leaves..
    1) IE rendering engine
    2) Mozilla rendering engine
    3) Opera rendering engine.
    3 is numerous.. wow… just.. wow.

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