Free the Singapore/Malaysia map!

An attempt at wresting the details of the physical world from the people who are supposed to work for you. I think it is incredibly important that geographical data that was gathered using public tax payer funds be made free to anyone. Let companies figure out what they want to make of it but on the part of the government who does all of these surveys, the data should be set free.

It is disappointing that even with the iN2015 masterplan, there is no mention of these types of services being made available. I certainly do not want to pay the most horribly designed site Street Directory a cent for the data that they took from the government and embellished. I don’t have a problem paying for the embellishment, but not the raw data. I would like access to the raw data to do as I please.

Perhaps we need to have a GPS-mapping day every month in which we have people descend (like they did in the UK from the article above) and do as full a mapping of the place as possible. I am sure we can Singapore all mapped out in months.

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