Thank you Sun!

What a wonderful day, Monday November 13 2006 is! I remember back in 1994 when I first started dabbling in Java and was showing off the spinning boxes on a Netscape browser running on a Sun machine to Johnny Moo of CSA. Then, the browser, the OS and Java were all closed source.

Fast forward twelve years to 2006 and we see that OS, the browser and now Java all part of the FLOSS community! Truly amazing and truly intellectually leading.

I am glad to be part of an organization like Red Hat which will always be the standard bearer of FLOSS and to see now Sun actually live up to the opportunities in sharing the mantle of thought leadership.

I cannot help but compare and contrast vacuum of thought and the wanton pure greed of Microsoft and Novell. Nothing they had announced was centered on improving the technology, the lot of the world, the betterment of mankind. They just want more money for themselves thereby, becoming even more of a pariah of the technology space. My mom has a phrase (in Malayalam) – “kashendu kohrhupu” meaning the “fat of the money”. Enough of them. They do not deserve any more mention.

So, Sun, thank you again. I used to joke with some of my friends in Sun Singapore about “hey, what time is sunset?”, I will stop now. It looks like sunrise! Get that OpenSolaris on a GPL as well and we will all be best of friends again!

“… momementous, significant change …” – said Jonathan. Well said, and kudos to you Jonathan!

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