Removal of an unwanted product niche

I cannot but applaud Microsoft for doing the hard work in making sure that whatever products they make, security is built-in. That is the least I would expect. How can a company who purports to be able to create operating systems continue to screw up all these years and not want to do the right thing? Therefore it is amazing that companies that McAfee et al are now crying foul just because their reason to exist is now being threatened. While I think the individuals in these organizations might have high moral standings, I cannot be sure that the companies they work for would. The fact that these companies raison d’tre was because of incredibly poor design of Windows, now that Microsoft has got the religion, these companies see their dying days and want government to intervene. If I were on their board or was their CEO, I would change focus on the dime and work on building creating management tools to help SELinux and other related security components for Linux and walk away from the Broken Windows market. I would, however, keep a small group keeping watch on the Windows space as, given MS’ track record, they will fumble and screwup, so there might yet be a role to play.

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