A company and a brand

What constantly strikes me is that there is a constant and almost surreal truth to the phrases “name recognition” and branding. What a brand or a name represents ultimately, is trust. Trust that it stands for truth and honesty.

Therefore it is interesting to read Sony CEO’s Sir Howard Stringer quoted:
“We just cruised right by everybody … There’s so much affection for the brand, especially in the U.S., that people are almost prepared to wait to see what Sony comes up with.”

How many companies can say that? Especially in the IT field? I think Red Hat is on it’s way to be able to achieve it. We have just done our first foray into the entertainment arena with Mugshot which hopes to drive the unwalled collaboration that we need. As Red Hat drives the open content mantra, I can only hope that we will have people “… prepared to wait to see what Red Hat comes up with.”

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