Continuing saga of the Mxxxxxxxt FUD campaign

In this entry, I discussed the pains Mxxxxxxxt has taken to put out FUD. Three months later, they are still at it and milking it for all they can.

Mxxxxxxxt today ran a partner’s event and a good friend of mine SMSed me saying that these 4 poster boys were going to be there. Seeing the element of fun in this, I decided to spend an hour or two to attend the “pep rally”.

The event was held at the Suntec and it was really targeted at the Mxxxxxxxt resellers and partners. When I arrived there, I did not need to register as it was about the morning tea break and people were streaming out of the presentations. I met with my friend from Super Internet and I asked him if those mentioned in the FUD-documents were there and if so, I would like to meet and chat with them. As expected, they were NOT there and all that was done was to play videos. Ah-hah! Lest these people get questioned!

Update to the Euro Group saga: I called up the COO named in the document and chatted with her. She was adamant that their “Linux Sendmail” solution was horrible and kept failing etc. Pretty much word-for-word from the document. I suggested she being quoted saying “Linux Sendmail” makes her and her organization look very silly and dubious. She basically said that it does not matter as they now do not have problems with their email and that is all that mattered to her. I persisted in asking if there was any attempt at seeking help from any of the numerous Linux support organizations to solve her email issue and she basically said “No, we did not. We did not know who to ask.” To close off the call, I posed her a final question and also told her that she can choose NOT to answer it – did Mxxxxxxxt pay her organization to have the quote done? “No comment”. QED.

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