Hooray to the Global Desktop Project!

I am really happy to see that there is now movement in the Global Desktop Project with the interest from Nicholas Negroponte from MIT wanting to make the US$100 computer happen. I do wish that this project happened from Singapore, but alas, we tried. It is good to see the United Nations University getting into the act as it validates my faith in the global organization in terms of it’s purpose and role.

It is funny that from the grapevine, I am told that the UNU wanted to set up itself in Singapore back in the 1980s. But the powers that be felt that it should not be here as “it would compete with NUS and NTU”. The UNU was instead welcomed with open arms to host in Macau! I think there was a mention in the press a few weeks ago by the “powers that be” at that time now regreting not granting UNU the right to set up shop here. And now, with the Global Desktop Project and the MIT $100 computer project being driven from Macau, let’s see if there will be more regrets.

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