KA9Q – what a awesome piece of engineering!

Back when I was in MS, I was trying to find out how best I could add TCP/IP to the computer I had – we had LANMAN but that was it. No TCP/IP to the outside world. My “internet” email was t-harish@microsoft.uucp. Yes, it was a UUCP link to UUNET.

Sometime in 1987/88, I came across the KA9Q TCP/IP code that was used to allow ham radio operators to use the AX.25 network to do TCP/IP. What an awesome piece of engineering – the code was fully open sourced but copyrighted by Phil Karn KA9Q – but gave a very good insight into what was possible even on lowly 8088/80286 machines.

I was just looking to see if KA9Q is still active on the net, and came across this.

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  1. Deliciously Ironic
    I agree. If the message is the same, Microsoft should instead organise a petition instead of spamming poor ANSI. Seems rather tasteless since Microsoft (or rather BillG himself) have vowed to fight against spam.
    Tasteless yet deliciously ironic.

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