Straits Times – less than World Class? Really?

A note came to me earlier today about some things that have happened at the Straits Times that, perhaps, one does not have to be surprised.

I was told about this incident by a former ST journalist a few days ago and he told me that the contents could contain libellous stuff. IANAL, but I do not think there is anything like that though.

The problem with the ST, frankly, is that it had been shackled so much over the years that it really cannot serve as the Fourth Estate. But, who am I kidding? The ST as a Fouth Estate? Does it have what it takes? In today’s Singapore? Whatever for?

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  1. “resource allocation issues”?
    I mean, don’t they employ like a billion people? My company could cure cancer with the number of minds working for M$. And they can’t figure out how to BUILD THEIR SOFTWARE TO AN OPEN STANDARD? Come on…

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