Working Remotely with FOSS tools

These last few months have been really wonderful in enabling me to catch up on making sure that as much of the technology that I use to be working online is indeed free and open source tools.

Here’s a table that lists all of technology that I am using for the various tasks:

Operating SystemFedora 32 with GnomeAndroid
BrowserFirefox, Chromium, Tor Browser, ChromeFirefox Focus and Tor
Office toolsLibreOffice 
Email clientmutt 
Video ConferencingJitsi (and on self managed server as well)Jitsi
SIP PhoneLinphoneLinphone
Video RecorderOpen Broadcast Studio and vokoScreenNG 
Video Playervlcvlc
Drawing, drawpile, gimp, inkscape 
Layout toolScribus 
Image viewereog, shotwell 
Document viewerevince and pdfmod 
Data analysisJupyter Notebook 
MessagingIRC, Signal, TelegramIRC, Signal, Telegram
Phone Screen Casting
FOSS Tools For Productivity

I mention above that I run my own server. Here’s the network diagram of how it is deployed.


Thanks to Andrew, I’ve also added Audacity as the go to for editing audio files. Been using it for years and has been stellar!


  1. Thanks for this useful overview. About your Jitsi server setup: did you use RPMs to install the Jitsi components? If so, where did you find them?

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