Of NUCs and Bastions

[image above from https://www.redhat.com/sysadmin/ssh-proxy-bastion-proxyjump%5D

Just documenting the systems I have on my home network so that I know what to do next time as well as being a repository of tips and tricks for anyone who needs it.

I have two NUCs – a NUC5i5RYH and a NUC5i5RYK. The YH runs Fedora 31 and the YK Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. Both have now been updated with the latest BIOS. Updating them was a trivial exercise of first downloading the ZIP file which happens to contain the needed file for the BIOS and fortunately is the same for both the NUCs. Second, copy the unzipped file on to a USB drive and plug that into the NUC and reboot. Hit the F7 button to pick the file from the USB device and proceed. That’s about it. Very easy and as simple as can be.

Now both of the NUCs have the latest BIOS and latest and best operating systems running on them. The two NUCs provide a host of services for the family – a Nextcloud instance, a ssh host, ssh bastion host and as a gateway between my primary broadband provider – the one that I pay for – MyRepublic and a “free” broadband from Starhub which could just as well not be there.

The entire home network runs on both open source software and hardware. My APs are all based on Turris Omnia and with a Mikrotik switch and some older APs all flashed with OpenWRT.

So, with a fixed IPv4 and an IPv6 from MyRepublic, my home network is now complete.

2020, we are ready.

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