Congratulations, Howie!

I am pleased to have had the opportunity to contest for the post of the president of the Singapore Computer Society at the AGM on Thusday March 26 and the meeting decided to vote in Howie Lau as the next SCS president.  My sincere and heartfelt congratulations go to him. If asked, I will be more than happy to serve in his committee this coming year.

My concerns for the SCS still remain.  As noted in my blog post, I would want to see the SCS find ways to maximize the asset we have (the SCS Resource Centre) in a way that we can then increase our cash and there by not have to increase membership fees but more importantly find ways to increase our activities to make this society people aspire to belong to.

The SCS has to be relevant to a whole new class of members. As I noted in my blog, we need dreamers, makers, shakers and doers. We should be pleased to have people rushing to join us and help with the overall growth in depth and influence of the IT sector in Singapore. Heck, I’d even thrown in the newfangled acronym, ICM (Info Comm and Media), although I feel not entirely convinced about the M part.

I’d like to see the establishment of a Fellow’s Council, which will be the brain trust of the SCS to whom we can solicit ideas, mentorship etc for the Society and Singapore at large.

I’d like to record my thanks to Chak for leading the SCS over the last three years. It has been a pleasure working with you and look forward to more opportunities to do the same especially in the area of displaced IT professionals.

In the meantime, congratulations Howie, more than happy to serve in your council.

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  1. Bro! We’d definitely love to have you as part of the new council. As discussed, our friendly contest augurs well for the Society and sends a positive message of the passion to serve and volunteerism by our members (not just us). Am excited with the opportunities we have ahead to bring new value props to the industry and our members! Thanks again man! Howie

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