What a disappointment

I am deeply disappointed with the announcement that the Media Development Authority has asked Google/YouTube to block access in Singapore to the absolutely worthless “Innocence of Muslims” trailer.  Having watched it, I realized that I wasted almost 14 minutes of my life which I won’t be getting back. It is not work of any value or virtue and should just be ignored.

So, I was pleased to initially read both DPM Teo and PM Lee say that we Singaporeans are above such mindless and unworthy expositions and that the Singaporean society is strong and resilient.  What happened then for the MDA to issue this? I don’t think Singaporean Muslims are naive nor influenced by such meaningless stuff. I have much higher confidence in their bearings that MDA it would seem.

This restriction of access will not help in quelling anything.  If nothing else, the curiosity will be piqued by the mere act of restriction – the forbidden fruit syndrome. Do we need that?

If anyone really wants to view it, you can certainly use the tor networks or use external proxy servers to get around these restrictions trivially. They never learn.

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