No, LHL did not listen to me!

What a pleasant surprise to be sent an email by a friend saying:


They heard you very well. Pap call for hougang elections on 26 May


LOL indeed. Let’s kick butt here. Let the PAP throw in their best. They cannot but loose.


Let’s see who they could dispatch for the slaughter. Could it be someone from the loosing Aljunied PAP team, like George Yeo? We will know next week.

Would be interesting to see how the MSM (aka PAP mouthpieces) will cover this. Fun days ahead.


  1. If PAP deploys George Yeo to the battle ground, he just might nick it.

    I’m just hoping that its going to be a straight fight between a PAP candidate and a WP candidate. No spoilers.

    Had a comment made to me after last night’s announcement.

    Will LHL allow a walkover? No PAP candidate to contest and later announce that he respects the original May 2011 result and due to unforeseen circumstances, the by-election has been used to allow WP to put in place another MP. Will LHL & PAP gain points with that stand?

    • The PAP leadership is not one to shy away from a contest – especially if the contest is rigged in their favour. They have been sending their minions aka “grassroots advisors” on the ground with sweeteners trying to buy votes, but I think the Hougang voters are smart cookies and would not fall for it. It is all speculative now for we need to see what happens on nomination day.

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