Printer/cups tip

Every time I update the OS on my laptops, I have to add the CUPS printer settings for the in office systems. It used to be that there was an internally usable RPM to do this, but I always thought that it was not really a clean enough solution.

So, this post is more of a reminder to myself that all I need to do is the following:

echo “BrowsePoll” >> /etc/cups/cupsd.conf

service cups restart

And, viola, like magic, the printers get discovered and all is well. Nice.


  1. Graphically you can do this with system-config-printer: Server -> Settings… -> Advanced Server Settings. In “Browse servers”, click Add.

    • Thanks, Tim.

      The system-config-printer option does not get called from the GNOME 3 Settings option unfortunately.

      Time to file a bug report.

    • actually, service cups restart gets redirected to what you wrote. I guess over a period of time, “service cups restart” will get deprecated. thanks for pointing this out.

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